Farm Fusion for Schools & Co-Ops

Looking for a fun field trip for your homeschool co-op, day care, or school? Let Freebird Farm help you create an engaging, exciting, and enriching experience for your students!

In addition to our fun farm tour, let Freebird Farm host your group in an ag themed lesson, activity, or art project! Many of the lessons taught in our Farm Fusion classes can be integrated into your school’s academic subject areas to give your students tangible, real-life scenarios that give a “why” to curriculum content. Let us know what standards need to be met, and we can help create the perfect field trip for your students!

Need help hatching eggs in your classroom? I help supply teachers with fertile eggs that are a color that is easy to candle with students. In addition, I can coach you through the process to help ensure success! Top it off with a field trip to the farm, and you have a winning combination!

Contact us for to see how the program could work for your students. (Available days/times for the 2023-24 school year are limited. Contact as early as possible for scheduling!)