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Mondays OR Tuesdays 11:30-2:30 — 1st through 3rd Grade FreeRangers Program

Wednesdays OR Thursdays 12:00-3:00 — 4th through 6th Grade FreeRangers)

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1st-3rd Grade Supplemental Homeschool Program – includes engaging science, history, grammar, & handwriting lessons.  This class does require some at-home assignments to be completed each week.  At this age, I believe that math and phonics education should be emphasized most strongly, which will be the responsibility of the homeschool parents.  This program covers the periphery subjects only.

4th-6th Language Arts– The class will consist of literature study/analysis through 5-7 novels, discussion, projects, written assignments, and vocabulary study.  We will also cover Hake Grammar at the appropriate grade level for each child.

4th-6th The Story of Science Class–  We will use the second text from Joy Hakim’s series “The Story of Science” titled, “Newton in the Center.”  This is a study of science through a historical perspective and will encompass history, philosophy, and scientific theories and discoveries.

“Readers will travel back in time to ancient Babylonia, Egypt, and Greece. They will meet the world’s first astronomers, mathematicians, and physicists and explore the lives and ideas of such famous people as Pythagoras, Archimedes, Brahmagupta, al-Khwarizmi, Fibonacci, Ptolemy, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas. Hakim will introduce them to Aristotle—one of the greatest philosophers of all time—whose scientific ideas dominated much of the world for eighteen centuries.”

This science/history class will use the Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the way textbook, corresponding workbook, journals, videos, websites, research, and hands-on activities & science experiments in class.  I encourage you to look up info on the book to learn more for yourself!

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2020-2021 Calendar

9/8/20 – First Day of Classes

11/23-11/28 – Thanksgiving Break

12/20-1/9 – Christmas Break

2/16-2/18 – Mini Break

4/5-4/9 – Spring Break

5/13/21 – Last Day of Classes