Inman Hybrid

IHHPcolor Inman Hybrid Homeschool Program is a full academic program located on the farm. Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for classroom instruction, and teachers provide students with guided lessons for the other three days of the week. This small, unique program only meets the educational needs of small number of grade levels per year. The 2017-2018 class is comprised of 3rd & 4th graders. 

In addition, we will be adding a Monday class for 1st/2nd graders.  The Monday class will be from 9:30-2:30 and consist of science, math enrichment, history, poetry, lunch with friends, art, grammar, handwriting, story/reading time, and all of the fun holiday parties children love!  For more information, visit the class blog or find the Inman Hybrid Program on Facebook!

There is ONE spot left in each of the Inman Hybrid Classes!

Registration Forms

3rd/4th Grade Class Schedule (Tentative)

3rd/4th Grade (Tues/Thurs Class) Calendar

1st/2nd Grade Class Schedule (Tentative)

1st/2nd Grade (Monday Class) Calendar

Farm Fusion & Inman Hybrid Combined Calendar