2018-2019 Class Calendar

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In past years, I have offered an academic hybrid program called Inman Hybrid Program.  Next year’s schedule will not include the full Inman Hybrid model, but will offer a new academic combo class: The FreeRangers!

Classes for 2018-2019 school year are now FULL.  Please submit registration forms to be placed on the waiting list!

FreeRangers for grades 1-3 will consist of:

  • World Geography/Culture Study
  • Grammar & Writing (can be used as stand-alone or supplemental, depending on grade level)
  • Reading Motivation (class reading assignments/class reading goals/fun book “reports”)
  • Science- Correlates with science topics found in their reading book list

FreeRangers for grades 3-6 will consist of:

  • World Geography/Culture Study
  • Literature Study- A Year of Wilderness/Outdoor Survival Novels! (We will most likely cover: My Side of the Mountain, Hatchet, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Maroo of the Winter Caves, The Incredible Journey, The Wild Robot)
  • Science (This will correlate with the animals, plants, and survival strategies/techniques in our survival book series. We will also dive into other topics, such as climate, earth features, etc as they arise in the literature study.)

**For those with children in both age groups, the social studies units will the same in each class, and I will try to keep the two groups on similar topics in science to encourage at-home collaboration! **

FreeRangers will begin the week of 9/10 and end the week of 5/13, and run for 29 total weeks.  Breaks will correlate with Fayette County Schools.

$65 Registration/Book Fee  (non-refundable)

$630/yr ($70/month)

*Each additional sibling $65/month


Farm Fusion + FreeRangers Classes

Discount for those wanting to sign up a child for both classes:

$75 Total Registration/Book fee per child  (non-refundable)

$1125 per child ($125/month)

*Each additional sibling $120/month



2018-2019 Class Calendar

Registration Forms