Field Trips & Tours

Field Trip Rates

Includes 1-hour educational farm tour & animal time plus up to 1-hour pavilion access for snack/lunch/teacher-led activities.

Up to 15 students (plus up to 5 adults) – $150 + $5 each additional student

Want to add an additional 45 min group ag related STEM lesson or art project? Contact the farm for details.

If your school would like to learn how to integrate lessons from the farm into your students’ academic subject areas, we can help! Contact the farm for details.

Family Farm Tours / Lessons

$50/hr ($20 each additional family)

Please specify the topic of interest upon scheduling. Possible topics include: electric fences, fencing for specific livestock, goat care, egg incubation, cattle breeds, advanced goat care, poultry, rotational pasturing, milking, etc.