Field Trips

Field Trips

We are booked up through June 1, 2024!

Includes 1-hour educational farm tour & animal time plus 45min pavilion access for snack/lunch/teacher-led activities. (Additional lesson or art time available*)

Up to 15 students (plus up to 5 adults) – $150 + $5 each additional person

*Want to add an additional 45 min group ag related STEM lesson or art project? Contact the farm for details. (STEM/art activities are typically $75 for up to 15 students + $3 for each additional student)

Click here to request a field trip at the farm!

If your school would like to learn how to integrate lessons from the farm into your students’ academic subject areas, we can help! Contact the farm for details.

Family & Group Farm Tours / Lessons

$50/hr ($20 each additional family)

Come and visit the farm! Whether it’s a farm visit and animal feeding or a visit for a specific educational purpose, we love tours! Please specify the topic of interest upon scheduling, if applicable. Possible topics include: fencing for specific livestock, electric fencing (polywire, high tensile, netting), goat care, egg incubation, cattle breeds, advanced goat care, poultry, rotational pasturing, milking, etc.

Private Classes

If you have a group or class and would like to schedule a private educational session, contact us to discuss options!

Off-Site Lectures & Classes

Schedule a lesson/lecture for your classroom, group, or event! We have discussions that work well for ages 3-99! (Although we can sometimes bring small animals, we do not offer petting-zoo/large animal encounters off site.) Pricing is typically $100/hr plus $0.70 mile for distances over 10 miles, but please contact us for an individual quote.

Possible topics include:

  • General Farm Discussion
  • Eggs, Incubation, & Embryology
  • Goat Husbandry
  • Chickens and Other Poultry Production for Meat, Eggs, and Hobby
  • Types of Electric Fencing for Livestock

As a former public school and private educator of 23 years, I can help tailor a lesson around your class’s needs. Here are some possible topics that can be included:

  • Electric Fencing – How it works, different types used in agriculture, modifications needed for different animals
  • Embryology & the Science of Eggs – We have an egg display, incubators, etc. to bring for this topic
  • The Psychology of Livestock – How operant conditioning is used with livestock/animals / Differences in livestock behavior
  • The Science of Milk – Hormones & their functions, Fats (hydrophilic & hydrophobic molecules)
  • Local and State Agriculture Law
  • Livestock Conservancy – Threatened and Critical Heritage Breeds
  • … and more!