Chicks, Poultry, & Fertile Eggs

We are NOT open to the public.

We have no poultry available at this time.
Chick Sales Will Begin the First Week of March / Laying Hen Sales Begin Late April

Check back after Jan 1 to place your pre-order.

Silkies – $6 each straight run*   /   $35 per doz hatching eggs (buff, white, or from multi-color flock) Next Available Hatch Spring 2024
Black Copper Maran- $6 each straight run*    /   $40 per doz hatching eggs Next Available Hatch Spring 2024
Bielefelder Chicks – $2 males $10 females / $40/doz hatching eggs Next available Hatch Spring 2024
Crosses from our “Freestyle Flock” – $5 chicks from our flock of multicolored-egg Easter Eggers coop. There are LOTS of blues and green layers in this coop, as well as some speckled olive and dark browns. Next Available Hatch Spring 2024

Other Poultry (hatching late spring)

Guinea Keets – (variety of colors from flock of royal purple, white, buff, coral blue, lavender, and pearl gray) $6 each / Hatching eggs $35
Indian Runner Ducklings (fawn coloring) – $8 each / Hatching eggs $35
*Straight run means gender unknown.