Chicks & Hatching Eggs

We are NOT open to the public. Please contact to check availability and to set up a pick up appointment time.

Silkies – $4 each straight run   /   $25 per doz hatching eggs
Black Copper Maran- $4 each straight run    /   $25 per doz hatching eggs
Whiting True Blue- $4 each straight run / $25 per doz hatching eggs

Check for Availability:

Guinea Keets – (variety of colors) $5 each / Hatching eggs $30

Indian Runner Ducklings (fawn coloring) – $5 each / Hatching eggs $30

Duckling and Guinea Keets Typically Available late spring through early fall.

All chicks are sold as STRAIGHT RUN except red sex-linked chicks, which are available every so often. (Straight run means gender unknown.)

Will you take back any that are roosters? No. Once birds leave our property, we do not allow birds to return due to biosecurity reasons.

Can you give me all hen chicks? I cannot have roosters where we live. No. Chicks are sold as straight run, therefore you will need to plan for handling any roosters that hatch out.