Farm Fusion

The Farm Fusion classes at Freebird Farm have been fostering a love of learning through agricultural-based education since 2011. Kids LOVE animals! This class is designed to take that love, connection, and enthusiasm and tie the agricultural lesson to many academic concepts… in a fluid and stress-free way! We integrate elements of creative writing, science, arts and crafts, stories, physical games, geography, history, and more into our class time together. I love hearing, “Ms. Holly! We learned about ___ in math class, but I already knew it because of YOU!”

2023-24 Farm Fusion / Agriculture Education Registration Form

Farm Fusion classes will meet once per week for 10 weeks in the fall (Sept-Thanksgiving Week) and 10 weeks in the spring (March-May).

Why? Because the weather is icky, the germs are plentiful, and the farm is pretty dormant December through February!

Please check the calendar below for dates. Class fee for the 2024-25 school year is $660 per child. A non-refundable registration/supply fee of $50 required to hold your child’s spot.

The Farm Fusion age limits are not set in stone!  As a mother of four, I understand that transportation and schedules can be tricky. Your older child can definitely still participate in the younger group, as needed.  If you have a very mature 2nd grader, he/she may be better suited in the older group, just as a young, active 3rd grader may have more fun with the younger class! We have flexibility to create the best experience possible.